Tiziano Romagnoli founded Mariplast in 1969 in Prato, Italy. Thanks to his mechanical background and his knowledge of textile machines, he had a deep understanding of the needs of the textile industry and the new possibilities offered by plastic.

The new Mariplast spinning bobbins replaced wooden bobbins, and contributed to the rapid advancements in yarn manufacturing during the seventies. During the eighties and nineties, Mariplast created revolutionary and patented solutions for yarn package dyeing (Colombo, Maripress, Mariflex, FlexBravo, FlexDia) that helped its customers achieve better quality, time saving, and improved productivity in yarn package dyeing.

Today Mariplast continues to lead the way with innovative solutions, and several other international patents have been granted in the last decade. Mariplast has connected with customers all over the world and has  continued to evolve alongside of the industry.Tiziano’s passion, knowledge, and problem-solving attitude have been passed down to the next two generations. Mariplast is proud to be a family business, and many family members are involved in the daily operations in America and Europe.

Mariplast North America was founded in Greenville, South Carolina in 1993, and is dedicated to providing the best quality and service to customers located in the USA and the rest of America. We also have productive collaborations in Italy and Spain.

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