Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Bottom ID (mm)
Top ID (mm)


Color Rings for King-spools. Made to label king-spools and available in all Mariplast colors.

Length: mm

Weight: g

Bottom ID: mm

Top ID: mm


Large King-Spool. Embossed Surface.

Length: 225mm

Weight: 150g

Bottom ID: 26mm

Top ID: 25.25mm


Double-sided mini snap-spool.
Weight is 11.5g.

Length: 59mm

Weight: 11.5g

Bottom ID: 40mm

Top ID: 7mm

901 Kingspool

Kingspool. One Pound Spool. Embossed Surface

Length: 174mm

Weight: 64g

Bottom ID: 100mm

Top ID: 25mm

902 Kingspool

Kingspool. Two Pound Spool. Embossed Surface

Length: 208mm

Weight: 85g

Bottom ID: 106.5mm

Top ID: 25mm

903 Snap spool

Snap spool. Tail Protection Groove. Embossed Surface

Length: 114mm

Weight: 23g

Bottom ID: 75mm

Top ID: 10mm


Bottle tube

Length: 330mm

Weight: 800g

Bottom ID: 180mm

Top ID: 44mm

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